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Posting about what I read is something I like to do, in theory, but in practice I just kept... not doing it. A friend told me about GoodReads, though, and it definitely makes reviewing what I read more natural to me, and is helping me keep on top of my 50 Books challenge better than the last two years. I like the site! I like the integrated BookSwap system! I mostly like the tagging system! I can have my library on my phone!

Anyway, yeah, sites about books. They're cool.


Oct. 10th, 2008 05:14 am
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Long week.

My grandmother had been in a rehab center the last two days, until this afternoon! When she ended up back in the ER with blood clots! Sigh. And here I was happily thankful she wasn't hallucinating and terrified any longer.

In better news, I'm back in classes and they don't suck beyond the telling. However, I'm not sure whether to feel excitement or paralyzing fear over the fact that I graduate in March. I think I'll go with ignoring it for now...

Only tangentially related: rocketdock is my new best friend. It gives your PC a Mac-like dock! It works well with my sticker icons! *loves*
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Just downloaded samurize and am in love! It's a windows app that lets you embed text, images, scripts and plugins into the desktop. I only really need it for embedding to-do lists right now, but I can't wait until I have some time to play around with it. No more embedding text the hard way into every background image! Hooray!


Jan. 30th, 2008 02:01 am
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Finished a couple more books, will post 'em officially sometime tomorrow.

Interesting things:

I now own this little guy, and he's adorable. What can I say, I'm a sucker for Jim Henson.

There's just something hilarious about this vinyl toy, and I can't decide if my favorite part of him is his little buck teeth or his arms.

Do's and Don'ts with Babies. I almost herniated something reading these!

Best customer review in the history of customer reviews.

Peter Callesen. Paper cutout art, among other things, and simply awe inspiring.


Dec. 30th, 2007 04:59 am
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Can't sleep, have to be at work at seven... sigh. I am, how they say, screwed.

I am in love with the music for Winterbells, a lovely little flash game made by the famed Orisinal. It's so perfect.

VoulaGirl, I think you'll like that chocolate/coffee pocky.

ETA: Ack. Of course I can spell Orisinal. *facepalm*


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