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Apr. 17th, 2009 02:17 am
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The Astronomer and the Poet

1. Why I stargaze

We share ninety-eight percent of our genetic code
with rats. Over half with grain. The stars, then,
must contain us somehow in their burning.

Something must contain this burning. Uptown,
our physics building is sequestered in a bubble
of certainty. And Harlem explodes around it.

We gaze because we're so small, despite
our need for choosing. We look skyward
to leave the best question hanging—why

an amazing woman is always amazing, even
with her head in her hands. It's true; there is no
way to know how small we are, or large.

I went to see I Love You, Man with an old/new friend tonight. It's a great feeling when you slide back into a friendship and click into place; I don't even mind that I can't tell if it was meant as a date or not! Too happy for overthinking. Mmmm.

ILY,M was, by the way, blah blah, this is not at all spoilery if you've seen the trailer or heard anything about it, but eh. Cut it I shall. )


Apr. 2nd, 2009 06:35 am
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Two Countries
by Naomi Shihab Nye

Skin remembers how long the years grow
when skin is not touched, a gray tunnel
of singleness, feather lost from the tail
of a bird, swirling onto a step,
swept away by someone who never saw
it was a feather. [...]

Read it on greatpoets here.

We lost my grandfather, my Papa, one week and four days ago. We held his memorial the day after my portfolio review, and the day before my graduation ceremony. I am... very tired.


Feb. 21st, 2008 02:03 pm
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"The poet has come back" by Margaret Atwood

The poet has come back to being a poet
after decades of being virtuous instead.

Can't you be both?
No. Not in public.

You could, once... )
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*happy sigh* )

VoulaGirl, there are icons about knitting/crocheting in the latest post at [livejournal.com profile] iconomicon that I thought you'd like. :)


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