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Last night the boyf found himself really needing to talk about 'us' and our nonconventional relationship. We talked about us, about him, about me, about labels and plans and going off-script. I think I was able to make him feel better, to understand himself better. I showed him my own thought process and viewpoint. Honestly, I'm glad we are the way we are. I don't want 'normal', I don't do well with expectations and assumptions and treating relationships like goals. He's one of my best friends. I'm one of his. (He confessed it was confusing to him that he could talk about me with, well, me! We can communicate - that can't be normal, right? Haha.) I value the trust and acceptance we seem to have developed with each other. So it's different, so it can't be summed up with a word. We have a relationship, and it works for us in this moment.

You have to live the life you have. (Thank you, thefourthvine, for sharing about your son, for giving me such a clearly encapsulated understanding of what I've been feeling. You can't compare your situation to anyone else's, or even to society's expectations. Everyone is different, everyone is dealt different cards. That's life.)


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